October 30, 2012
Tablet Commerce Transactions By Time of Day


@betashop (’s CEO) wrote an interesting blog post on their aspirations to be a “mobile-first” retailer and then proceeded to share some great insights from their data on mobile usage.

We thought it’d be fun if we did the same thing to see how our results stacked up. While we’re a different type of company, focusing on developing tablet commerce solutions, and the data we have spans over a thousand different merchants, our findings were actually very similar to Fab’s.

  • Our biggest days are Saturday, Friday, Sunday (in that order)
  • Tablet shopping has three distinct daily peaks. 
  • For many the tablet has replaced a morning routine of checking the newspaper and we see this reflected in our morning spike.
  • Evening shoppers ramp up quickly after dinner and stay strong throughout the evening all the way until bedtime.

* Times are in Pacific time and include data from all three US timezones [unfortunately due to the limits of GA]

(Source: shoppad, via rafer)

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